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A Bunch of Puns

This year's Red Nose Day is all about fun and laughter after a very difficult year. Here at Bunch, humour is a key pillar of our brand.

If you have been following Bunch for the past year, you will have noticed that humour is a pillar of our brand. So, we think it is pun-derful that this year's Red Nose Day is all about sharing smiles and laughter.

Having fun in spite of harsh adversity takes strength and courage and we have done our best to see through the pandemic with puns and helping hands.

Bunch was established during the peak of the virus and we were determined to bring creativity and light-hearted fun to our social media and branding.

We are always laughing at how regularly "bunch" just slips out, talking about sweets or flowers or how many books we can balance in our hands before disaster ensues.

So, in keeping with the spirit of Red Nose Day 2021, we have put together this collage of our best (or maybe worst) pun-ny posts for your enjoyment!

Thank you for supporting Bunch and our questionably hilarious graphics. We hope we have helped Funny is Power this Red Nose Day and remember to Share a Smile!

Please consider donating to Comic Relief in order to help them bring amazing services to people all around the world!

You can donate here: Donate | Comic Relief

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