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Generously sponsored by the Isle of Man Arts Council, Hartford Homes and Patricia Wild. Designed and published on the Isle of Man by Bunch Books.

PINK: The Adventures of a Manx Fairy

Written by Robert G Cowley

Illustrated by Karmen St John-Cain

Published by Bunch Books

ISBN: 978-1-8384957-0-1

'PINK: The Adventures of a Manx Fairy' is the first in a series of children’s books written by local author Robert G Cowley and brought to life with the beautiful illustrations of Karmen St John-Cain.

It follows the tale of a Manx fairy called Jasmine and her adventure to delight a young girl, Anais, who has been apart from her beloved Gaga for much too long because of the nasty virus.

Full of fairies, unicorns and lots of sparkles, PINK is a story of determination and the unrivaled power of a Grandmother's love.

All monies raised from the Manx Bedtime Stories are donated to local charities. The profits from PINK raised a whopping £1000 for Breast Cancer Now IOM to help support their lifesaving work.

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