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So, who are we?

Oh hey there, welcome to Bunch.

We are a team of three young people all living and working on the Isle of Man. Working with the Family Library to launch an independent business, we are establishing an organisation run entirely by graduates to provide creative services to businesses and individuals. 

As recent graduates, we have found ourselves in an unstable job market and were facing the widespread challenge in finding employment in entry level jobs that companies are no longer able to offer.

While the Isle of Man has certainly regained a sense of normalcy, many of the Island’s graduates, including us here at Bunch, have been facing a lack of opportunity for work in their chosen fields. With the support of the Family Library, Bunch has been started not only to offer graduates working opportunities and valuable experience but to also support the wider community.

New and established businesses can consult us on their branding and marketing. Creators on and off island can take advantage of our publishing, editing and design knowledge. We offer free consultations so truly, if you are seeking fresh insight for your business or portfolio, we are here to help. 

While we are building Bunch to hopefully be a future business that can offer Island graduates a stable foundation for experience, we aim to become a company that supports local businesses, charities and individuals in reaching their full potential. 

We look forward to working with you. 

Phoebe, Emma and Teo


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