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Creative Spotlight: Jacqui

What did you study at university?

I studied BA Illustration at the University of Plymouth, but I did a year here at the Isle of Man college before transferring for my second year. My course did a bit of everything, exploring the routes of illustration. I studied a little bit of animation, comic books, the children’s market, and print making. I loved printing and screen-printing. It was great to have access to a range of different facilities and getting stuck into projects and fields I had never tried before. I loved print making, particularly screen-printing.

What is the job you are aiming for?

Pre-lockdown I didn’t have a clear career path in mind. I was thought I wanted to get a design job in a bigger city and then, when lockdown happened, I moved out to London to stay with my partner and was looking at any jobs that were relevant to my degree but unfortunately, it didn’t happen while we were there.

I’ve been doing my own thing now for a while. I’ve been making my own jewellery from clay and I think my aspirations now are to be self-employed and sell my illustrations and wares on my own online shop. I think I do want to be my own boss eventually. It is hard with the arts because there are so many different things you could do with a degree in illustration. If a design job comes around, I would definitely want to give it a go but I enjoy being my own boss and having the flexibility to try new things.

Any hobbies you are enjoying at the moment?

I have combined my hobbies with my career. I love making things, I started a part time creative course and exhibited at some crafts fairs over Christmas to promote my jewellery making business 'Funki by Jacqui', taking inspiration from the 60s and other crazy patterns!

What are you up to right now?

I’m currently working part time at Noa’s Bakehouse and doing my own stuff in my free time. I’ve got a commission piece for the cover of a book right now, which I’m also really enjoying working on!

How did COVID-19 impact your post-graduation plans?

Covid basically cancelled all of my end of year exhibitions and shows. I didn’t get a graduation, like a lot of people, so I attended the one held at UCM. It was really disappointing to not be able to attend the design conventions and shows that our university was taking us to. They did go online but we lost the chance to meet employers which was a shame.

Check out Jacqui's work:

We love this gorgeous set from Funki by Jacqui! Check it out.

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