About Us

We are Bunch Creative, a young group of professionals who have recently graduated, launching an initiative supported by the Family Library to provide employment and projects to Isle of Man graduates. Amidst the chaos of the global pandemic and the resulting recession, many returning graduates have been left facing unemployment and an uncertain future. Bunch Creative, an initiative of the Family Library, are a creative company run entirely by graduates, to give young adults stepping into the world of work an opportunity to build skills and gain much needed experience. As a wholly owned subsidiary, 100% of Bunch Creative’s profits are donated to the Family Library charity.

We offer a range of creative services for companies and individuals, from graphic design to copy-editing. We aspire to become a crowdfunded publishing company that helps produce and publish original manuscripts that might not be accepted by traditional publishing houses. Alongside our creative services, we aim to to further highlight and celebrate the creative talent of the Isle of Man while supporting our important businesses and charities.


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