Hello. We are Bunch.

A bunch of graduates doing a bunch of creative stuff.

Welcome to Bunch - a new creative agency on the Isle of Man combining the skillsets of recents graduates in design and publishing to produce an agency that covers a variety of disciplines. Drop us a message to see how we could help you and your business today.

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Why choose us?

Being a team of new graduates means we're full of new and exciting ideas that form the forefront of our agency. We have a fresh perspective on the world of design and publishing and aim to carry this through each and every project with conviction.

(And we don't charge mega bucks either!)


The Bunch Team

Qualified Graduate Creatives.

Our graduate team are the heart of our business. We work hard to produce beautiful graphics and well-developed content for our clients. As individuals with strong creative styles and ideas, we possess high levels of technique and innovation that help us consistently move forward with our services and products. We are always evolving to keep our work competitive and interesting.

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Graphic Designer

Hey I’m Phoebe. I recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA in Graphic Design. I really enjoy experimenting with editorial and packaging design as well as coming up with clever solutions to creative problems in a variety of disciplines, including branding and identity. I like to champion the idea behind each project and really enjoy the creative thinking that goes into crafting each solution. Throughout university, I volunteered with numerous projects and joined the Ultimate Frisbee team!

Fun fact: Has an unhealthy obsession with pizza and dogs.

Publishing Editor 

Hi. I’m Emma, the new Publishing Editor of Bunch Creative. I recently graduated from Loughborough University with a BA Publishing and English. While at university, I was an editor at the student magazine and the independent, student-run publishing house. I’ve been writing for about ten years and worked as an intern at Lily Publications in 2019, producing the Island Kitchen Second Edition and the re-print of Saving the Gaiety by Mervin Russel Stokes MBE.

Fun fact: I'm really interested in sustainability and love watching bullet journaling and thrifting videos.

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Bunch Books

Our latest endeavour; crowdfunded publishing.

Written a book? Unsure of the next steps? You've come to the right place!

Bunch Books, an extension of Bunch Creative, is a publishing house that uses crowdfunding to raise the neccessary

funds to publish your very own book. How cool is that?! From editing to cover design, let our team bring your vision to life.

Get in touch today to find out more.